Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 1

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A world that exist somewhere.

It is called “Dunamis”.

In this world, they will perform the rite of adulthood when they reach the age of twelve.

This is a celebration of how you have grown up until now.

But at the same time, it was an important ceremony that could determine the future.

The main purpose of this rite is to celebrate and gain special power from god called gift.

It is said that some people are given a maximum of five gifts, in many cases it’s mostly two or three.

The gift has various abilities, such as those that are suitable for combat,those that are suitable for support,and those that are suitable for opening a store.

And, many of those who gained the ability to be suitable for battle became adventurers.

Adventurer is a symbol of strength, exterminating ferocious monster, conquering difficult dungeon, and resolving the request of the people in trouble – it is such a longing existence.

Hal(ハル), the boy who lives in this world, was also aiming to be an adventurer.

There’s a reason why he want to be stronger.

Hal had been playing alone when he was young, and was attacked by demons, but his life was saved by an adventurer.

The adventurer whom he met at that time was strong and gentle, and yet reliable – a presence that seems to be dazzling, and it had been a longing for Hal ever since.

I want to be like that adventurer! From a very young age, Hal wanted a gift of combat system and dreamed of becoming an adventurer like him.

But the reality was cruel for Hal.

“……huh? no, none……?”

In this world, everyone has the power of [water mirror](水鏡) to confirm their gifts.

And Hal is surprised to see his gift at the twelve-year-old rite of adulthood. The color disappeared from his face, which was supposed to be full of hope.

That’s – because his gift box was blank for some reason.

A blessing from God that everyone in this world should be given – a gift. But only Hal was given nothing.

The priest who performed the rite of adulthood knew that Hal was aiming to become an adventurer, so he performed the ritual several times in hopes that it was a mistake, but the result did not change.

Anyone who knew HAL strong feelings could not speak to him.

His Father, who was silent and had a stiff expression hugged him, and his mother, who has a disheveled face and shedding large tears, hugged him too.

But even in such a situation, he utters the only word he always said.

“――even without a gift, i will absolutely become an adventurer!”

It was his habit.

A few years have passed since then.

Hal is not in his hometown, but in a distant city.

Hal grows taller than the average man, and looks slender at first glance, but his body is toned with muscle. His dark hair stood out even among people with various hair colors.

His eyes are clear, and he continued to look ahead.

Hal could not become an adventurer, but he gained knowledge and experience by participating in the party as a porter – that is, a luggage carrier.

Information on monsters, it’s material, medicinal herbs, etc.

He can’t fight, instead he is gathering information and he’s going to use it when he becomes an adventurer someday.

Hal did not have a useful gift as a Porter,and some adventurers called him an incompetent porter, but he managed to get a job by taking it at a cheap price.

He is in the adventurer’s Guild.

It’s a place where people who are confident in their skills are looking for a party and make a living.

At the rite of adulthood, a person who receives a gift, has confidence in their sword skill,a person who is confident in their magic, or a person who is proud of their strength, each of them makes use of their own characteristics to subjugate monsters and collect materials.

“Hey, porter! Let’s Go!”

“Ah, i’m coming”

The party that Hal participated this time consists of four people, the leader a swordsman, warrior that use axe as their weapon, magician in charge of the long-range attack and an archer. (ハルが今回参加したパーティは剣士がリーダーで、他に斧を扱う戦士が一人、遠距離攻撃担当の魔術師に弓使いの四名の構成だった。)


After putting the luggage on his back, he followed the party and enter into the dungeon.

The dungeon they enter this time is fifteenth floor deep, the type of the dungeon is one that goes underground.

After breaking through the seventh floor, there was an open area, where they decided to take a break for a meal.

With the common knowledge of the dungeon, the place immediately after going down the stairs is a safe area, no monster will appear.

This time it is the same, and the party was enjoying a meal and a small talk while feeling relieved with their equipment removed.

“hmm? What is it? There’s a sound….”

However, Hal, who is eating simple meal so he can move quickly, sense that theres a slight change in the surrounding sound that came to his ears. (しかし、休憩中の最中もすぐ動けるように簡単に食べられるものだけを口にしていたハルは、ふいに耳に入り込んできた些細な音の変化に周囲をキョロキョロとみていた。)

Hal, who has no special powers, has survived to this point with only his knowledge of monsters and his sense of caution around him.

“what is it, porter? Is there something out there?”

“no, it’s just that something is getting closer….”

Hal looks at the direction where they are going from now while tilting his head to the words of the warrior who ask question with a suspicious look.

When he look closely, he immediately understand what the sound is.

“Sa, Salamander!”

As soon as someone shouted, everyone stood up quickly and packed as much as they could. Of course it’s the same for the porter, Hal.

Salamander is a fire dragon, also known as the Earth-crawling Dragon, which can not fly, but is a dragon species with immense strength nonetheless.

It is faster to count the difficulty of subjugation from the top,and it was not a monster that would normally appear in this dungeon’s floor.

In conclusion, while encountering such monsters, they can survive through here, but the most important factor is the leader’s quick judgment.

“Everyone, run to the upper floor immediately! Just think about running away, don’t think about anything else!”

As salamander’s material trades for quite a bit of money, there may be someone that thinks that it’s a waste, so leaders were telling them to run before that idea floated in someone’s mind. No one refuted the leader’s judgment, and all of them fled.

That leader whose wise, and has a quick judgment to dangerous situation, is what Hal wanted to be. (そのリーダーが賢く、判断が早いことで危険な目にあう人物がハルだった。)

“… Hey, Degdaz(デグダズ), lend me your power.”

Degdaz is a bear kin beast warrior, whose boast the most powerful strength in the party. Nodding silently to the leader’s words, Degdaz put his hand on Hal’s shoulder as he realized what he meant.

“whoa! Wha, what are you doing!!!”

And then the leader and Degdaz lifted the slender Hal and ready to flung him away with the momentum and force . (そして細身のハルをひょいと持ち上げたリーダーとデグダズは、力任せに担ぐとどこかへ投げ飛ばすように勢いをつけだす。) (this is the best i could come up with)

“Sry, but for us to get away someone need to slow it down. Our party are from the same village. After that….you’ll understand. Alright, here we go!”

The two then throw him to the Salamander without much trouble.


Hal, who had no power to fight, was unable to resist the abrupt situations, and was simply thrown towards the Salamander.

In this desperate situation, because he is in the air, it is difficult to adjust his posture to get ready when he landed. But strangely, Hal’s mind began to wander off. (この絶望的な状況、空中であるため、体勢を整えるのも難しい。だがハルの頭は妙にさえわたり始める。)

(A Salamander wears a flame on its body. And it breath out flame from it’s mouth , but because it takes time to accumulate, it shouldn’t come out immediately.)

Even though he is in such a situation, he can recall the knowledge of monsters he had gatherd little by little. Hal then began recalling information on the Salamander.

There’s not much he can do, but by knowing the information of the enemy, he can come up with something to survive the situation.

It was the least resistance of Hal, who had no special powers can do.

Then, Hal recalls one thing from the knowledge he had gathered, and pull out the knife he was wearing on his waist.

But the Salamander already closed the distance. It glared at Hal recognizing him as it’s prey and is ready to attack.

The Dragon species are all wrapped in strong scales, and it is difficult to inflict damage unless you have a very good sword and a great skill.

However, as long as it is a Dragon Species, it has a certain weakness. It was the only unusual scale known as inverted scales

Hal, who investigates carefully, has that knowledge, and has also succeeded in finding a different scale, one of which, coincidentally, is due to this situation in which his life is in imminent danger.

Two of them are facing each other – the moment they collide, he thrust the knife to the reverse scale. This was the best strategy Hal could come up with.


Hal stabs the knife against the scales, grit his teeth and raised his spirit.

The knife was stabbed as intended, but Hal’s body was burned as soon as he touched the Salamander who wore a flame on it’s body.

Despite that, with stern expression Hal did not release the knife, and was able to pushed it a little deeper in.


The Salamander, who was attacked in it’s only weakness, the reverse scale, screamed and collapsed. The flame that is wrapped in the body scattered, and it is violently scorched the body of Hal.


Hal, who suffered damage to his body from the impact, did not let go off the knife – because he could have been blown away and died. Hal has a strong feeling that he must not die until he could be like that adventurer, which is his dream and held the knife stronger.

But the reality was cruel. As the powerful salamander rampaged, the ground cracked.

“Wa― This is bad!”

Hal notices the crumbling sound, but at that time, the ground collapsed, and without being able to do anything, he fell with the Salamander.

The feeling of flying in the air countinued for a while.

Hal was already unconscious, but he managed to hold on to the knife.

After a long fall, they finally reaches the bottom layer, and the knife is pushed in from the impact of the fall, and finally the salamander breath ceased.

It was the same for Hull, who were shocked by the fall as he slammed into the top of the salamander with the knife.

Though he couldn’t stop thinking about the pain of burns and by the fall, but he was more concerned about the faint-hearted voice in his head as he slowly lose consciousness.

[Level has increased]

This world is a world where the power of gifts is given to adults― it wasn’t a game world with level. (この世界は成人の儀によりギフトと呼ばれる力を与えられる世界――決してレベル制のゲームのような世界ではなかった。)

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