Can I Become an Adventurer Without a Gift? Chapter 29


Chapter 29

With the defeat of the stone tribe man, the dominant atmosphere of Garbrea changes in an instant.

Seeing the change in their atmosphere, Clouds and his A-rank party went to Garbrea and the dark elf.

And to stop them, their subordinates collided with them.

“No way, for Stem to be done is so quickly….”

“…..It can’t be helped, let’s switchover. The two who defeated Stem, I’ll be their opponent”

Stem is the stone-tribe man who was defeated by Hal and Lunaria.

Garbrea made a declaration to the dark elf with a calm tone but, his expression was full of anger.

“Understood. Well then, leave that strong adventurer to me”

The dark elf was grinning, to let out a technique to kill Cloud and others, he started running.

The magic called [Aqua Mist] is already scattered in the room earlier but, they certainly have the strength as the moment the room was covered in fog, they didn’t let down their guard.

“Now then, not only defeating my precious subordinates but to also take the life of*….you bastard, I’ll have you die!” *(T/N: I don’t know how to phrase this one, here’s the raw: 命まで奪うとはな… I want to go with flower(はな) but, it just doesn’t seem right. Well, what he means here probably about the death of the stone-tribe man, Stem)

Garbrea turns to Hal and the others and declares. To him. the two executives were especially important companions, and the killing of that companion burns the flame of anger inside his heart.

“ーLunaria, this the critical moment. As far as I can see, the man named Garbrea who is our objective is an enemy. He got the Gift [Dispel]…..however, it would be difficult to talk to him and make him use the [Dispel]”

While defending from Garbrea, Hal was using his appraisal ability to look at him but, looking at his expression, he thinks that it would be hard to carry things amicably. Lunaria returns a nod with a stiff look.

“Well then, let’s go!”

Against the slowly approaching Garbrea, Hal started to run. He was trying to take the initiative.


Lunaria with an energetic look grabbed her mace again and follow behind Hal.

“Go burst, [Flare Bomb]”

Garbrea, who stands quietly on the spot, puts his right hand forward and let out explosion magic.

“[Shell shield]!”

Hal activates the [Shell Shield] to defend against the explosion.

However, although it was possible to prevent the direct explosion itself, it couldn’t kill the power of the blast, so the shield was blown away to the back.


He tries to kill the momentum but, he lost to the blast and is blown away to the wall.

“To be blown away only by this much, how pathetic….”

Garbrea who squinted his eyes looks down at Hal.

Thinking that his companion lost to such a pathetic man, he only seemed to get more annoyed.


Knowing Hal will be blown away, and to get to Garbrea who is in front of her, Lunaria moves sideways, trying not to get caught by the explosion and bring down her mace down towards Garbrea.

“Your movements are not bad, but only to that extent. [Burst Wall]”


With a cold look, Garbrea triggered an explosion wall and the attack of Lunaria was prevented.

“No matter how high your attack power is, it’s the same as nothing if you can’t get close. For killing that guy in an instant without making him suffer, I’ll give you my gratitude. That’s why….I’ll kill you in an instant”

The voice was small and low as if it was a murmur but, it firmly reached the ears of Hal and Lunaria.

The two tremble when they feel all the negative emotions in his voice.

“ーWha, Lunaria! Come here at once!” (T/N: I still have a hard time translating “っ”. What I know is that it was a gasp. So I always used “Wha” or when there’s “っ!?” I’ll only use “!?”, idk, if you know anything please tell me.)

At the same time that Hal could feel his hair-raising, Hal shouts in a loud voice.

Upon hearing Hal’s voice, Lunaria quickly moved to him.

“Th-that guy is strong…..”

“That’s right, not only the [Dispel], but also his [Fire Magic], the rank of his explosion magic seems to be quite high”

To the appearance of Lunaria who was frightened and trembling, Hal reached out his hand to protect her.

Hearing Hal’s words, Garbrea grinned and laughed.

“You have pretty good eyes. To measure my ability to that extent by only the exchange just now. ーBut, you can’t beat me by only knowing that!”

Garbrea, who had accumulated magical power, stretches his palm towards Hal.

“[Flare Bomb, Double”!]

Hal has already defended against one [Flare Bomb]. So, Garbrea shoots two at the same time.

“Kuh, [Shell Shield]!”

Just like before, Hall activates the [Shell Shield]ーin front of Lunaria.


Then, he started running towards the magic.


Lunaria who was desperately reached out with her hand and calling him was only in vain, as the [Flaer Bomb] hit Hal as it is. Inside the smoke of the exploding flame, Lunaria felt pain in her chest.

“Fuh, to charge forward without any countermeasure, what an idiot. Does that mean he intended to protect the woman?”

If two shots are prevented, he only has to increase the number to three or fourーis what Garbrea thinks and turns his palm towards Lunaria.

The [Shell Shield] has disappeared when one shot was prevented.

She didn’t know if it can only withstand one shot, or it disappeared because Hal was killed, but either way, she was still in a pinch.

“ー[Fire Sword]!”

The moment Garbrea grinned and tried to activate his next skill, the voice of Hal reaches the ears of Lunaria and Garbrea.

Splitting the fire and smoke from the [Flare Bomb], the appearance of Hal could be seen.

He decided to call his sword covered in fire from [Flame Armor] as [Flame Sword].

“Nah, [Flare Wall]!”

Although the shape was hollow because Garbrea was tired, but it still managed to create a flame wall to prevent Hal from approaching.

If it was the same explosion wall that he used for Lunaria, the result might be different.

However, just a flame wall couldn’t stop Hal.

“UOOOOO! A flame won’t work on me!!!”

Breaking through the flame wall, Hal used the [Fire Sword] to slash at Garbrea from the shoulder.

Even here, Garbrea was trying to put up a flame barrier, but with Hal’s rank 2 [Flame Armor], its power was enough to easily cut through the barrier.


Garbrea’s blood gushing out from the slash.


The dark elf who was fighting with Cloud and the others called out Garbrea’s name with a sorrowful voice.

“G-Guuuu, geha”

Garbrea didn’t respond to the call, he was holding his wound while repeating a painful breath, and blood was coming out from his mouth.

“G-Gufuh, not, gufuh…bad”

Garbrea said acting strong. (強がりともとれるような言葉を口にするガーブレア) He pours magic into his hands, which he puts to his own wound.


Somehow manage on saying it till there, he closes his own wounds with his fire magic.

“G-GUAAAA!! …..Haha, if it’s like this, I can move”

By closing the wound, only the result of excessive bleeding and death is avoided.

However, he was still seriously injured, he doesn’t think that he could fight Hal.

“I’m sorry but, I’ll have you stop here!”

Hal doesn’t have any intention to wait, he once again ready to swing down his sword.

“We-well, a little talk is okay, isn’t it”

The last words of a dying man. Then Hal decided to listen, with his sword in position as is, and waits for his next words.

“Ducta! after that is, I’m counting on you!”

Garbrea who grinned said so, and throw something to the dark elf called Ducta.


Seeing that Garbrea took a suspicious move, Hal who quickly jumped cut Garbrea down.

The dark elf, known as Ducta, after receiving something solid, instantly use magic.

It was the same blinding magic as before, but its concentration of magic was higher than before.

“[Deep Aqua Mist]!”

It took thirty minutes for the fog to clear up, and by the time the vision was clear, Ducta and some of the survivors had disappeared.

And, at the foot of Hal, the corps of the cut-down Garbrea was rolling.

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    1. The guy he killed is the former priest. They should have captured him and ask him to dispel Lunaria’s curse. But Hal, seeing how he is acting and his personality, decided that it will be dangerous and that even if they catch him the chances that he will cooperate is close to zero. 😊

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